Nippo Lake Golf Club

88 Stagecoach Rd
Barrington, NH 03825
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Ladder Tournament



BEGINS:          Sunday, May 5, 2024

ENDS:             Sunday, September 1, 2024

SHOOTOUT:    Sunday, September 8, 2024 @ 3 PM

COST:            $10.00 One-time Fee paid before 8/1 - $15.00 after

FORMATIndividual stroke play – 9 Hole Net Score – 100% handicap

HOW DOES IT WORK?  The first time you want to qualify for the ladder, you must sign up for the tournament and pay your ten dollars ($10.00) UNLESS you paid for the ladder when you paid your membership. Play your round or rounds, fill out your HOLE BY HOLE score on the GHIN app, and notify the Proshop that you’d like to use the 9 hole score. The Pro Shop will calculate your best 9 hole net score (RELATIVE TO PAR – plus or minus) for that round or rounds based on your current GHIN handicap. That will then determine whether you make the ladder.

HOW MANY RUNGS ARE ON EACH LADDER?  There are ten rungs on each ladder represented by the 10 lowest net scores (RELATIVE TO PAR – plus or minus).  Names ONLY will be listed alphabetically, (NOT SCORES) so you won’t know whom you are going to “push off the ladder.” Only the Pro Shop will know and they have been sworn to secrecy.  You will need to check the ladder list periodically to see if someone has “pushed you off.”

CAN I BE KNOCKED OFF THE LADDER?  Once all the rungs are filled, your position on the ladder can be altered if another player posts a net score that is lower than yours.  If you were on the tenth (10th) rung, (the highest net score of the 10) yes, you would come tumbling down.

CAN I TRY TO GET BACK ON THE LADDER IF REMOVED OR CAN I TRY TO MOVE HIGHER ON THE LADDER? Yes, you can qualify as many times as you would like, at any time during the week or weekend, at no additional cost.  Just remember you must drop your dated, signed and attested scorecard along with the tee boxes you played that day, into the ladder score box located by the computer.

The object of this season long event is to stay on the ladder until Septmber 1, 2024.  At the opening of business on Tuesday, September 3, 2024, the top 10 scores and ties will be posted.  These players will meet in a 9-hole shootout tournament on Sunday, September 8, 2024 at 3pm. 

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