Nippo Lake Golf Club

88 Stagecoach Rd
Barrington, NH 03825
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Camaraderie is the mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.  This word is frequently used when people describe the game of golf.  I never paid much attention to the meaning of the word until recently.  I observe thousands of golfers each year go out and play this challenging game day after day, repeating the same swing flaws and expecting different results (which is Einstein’s definition of insanity).  But, perfecting this game isn’t the goal of most golfers while they are out chasing the ball around for a few hours.  It’s about being around friends, both new and old, from their childhood and from recently meeting them on the golf course.  One of the joys of my position is “pairing up” and introducing players to each other before I send them off the first tee to spend the next four hours together.  Golfers are nearly always reluctant to play with anyone else, but more times than not, a relationship develops and they are enjoying themselves by the turn. 

As for the 2015 season, the course conditions were once again spectacular.  Thank you Steve and your crew.  The amount of pride every maintenance staff member takes in their job really shows.  In addition, we were able play our beautiful course for a total of 253 days.  That equates to 70% of the entire year and some of our Members netted less than $5.00 per round!!  Tournament participation increased slightly and it was a great year for competition at The Nip.  Some highlights include Mike Chick Sr. and Elaine Kuketz-Pierce returning to their Champion status, Irene Schultz becoming the back-to-back Ladies Senior Champion and Bobby Powers, Leslie Brock and Dennis Harriman, Jr. cashing in on their first Championships.

So, please study the Nippo Lake calendar and make the effort to participate in a few more events than last year to build up the camaraderie.  We strive to create the best tournament experience for our Members and Guests because we enjoy watching the friendships develop and last for years to come!!  Thanks for your support and see you at The Nip…

Chris Mowers, PGA

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