2014 Membership

---- TakeAChild1-21 (large)
---- Sunset2 (large)---- 2010TakeChild 050 (large)
Adult: 23-61  Senior: 60 and over  Junior: 17 and under  College Student: 18-22
Membership Rates 
Husband & Wife*$1725.00
Husband & Wife (1 Senior)$1675.00
Senior Husband & Wife
Junior w/Parent Member$250.00
College Student$500.00
GHIN Handicap (NOT included in Membership)
Gas Cart Rental 
Half Cart Rental$525.00
Full Cart Rental$875.00

Download Membership Application Here

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We are proud to announce that on January 5, 2012 Nippo Lake Golf Club adopted a sister,
THE ROCHESTER COUNTRY CLUB. You might wonder how this will impact your life and your membership. Good news is that it should not have any impact on your life (unless you want it to) BUT your membership will be enhanced.

Benefits to your adult membership:

  •     Play at your "Sister" club for a reduced rate of $15.00 which includes cart.
  •     Play in Member Events at both facilities except The Club Championship and
        The Member-Member.


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