---- SunsetParty1 (large)This is a tough word. Merriam/Webster Dictionary's definition - for.give.ness: the act of forgiving someone or something. We all have had moments in our lives when our feelings have been hurt by someone either intentionally or unintentionally. What do you choose to do with that hurt? Some days, I for one, might choose to wallow in it. Notice the word "choose"! My dad becomes unproductive, I become more frustrated, and before you know it, I am not "playing well with others"! Just think of all the blessing of the day I am forfeiting. If I choose forgiveness, I am giving up anger and resentment and all the other negative emotions that go along with the hurt. Forgiveness is NOT a gift you give to the offender, it is a gift you give to YOURSELF! You always have a choice in the presence of forgiveness. Which will you choose?
---- SunsetRainbow (large)Did you know the concept of "forgiveness" in golf started with Karsten Solheim, Ping's founder, who began marketing perimeter weighted irons? According to Brent Kelly, Golf Expert, "These clubs moved mass to the perimeter of the iron head, which had the effect of lessening the bad results from off-center strikes. Forgiveness is the construction and design elements of golf clubs that lessen the effects of bad swings and poor contact with the ball." There are many different ways that golf equipment can be made more forgiving. Larger clubheads, clubfaces and wider soles are just a few. But forgiveness doesn't make the bad shots go away and sometimes in life, forgiveness doesn't immediately take away the hurt. It's the refocusing of your energy on practicing and healing that builds confidence and restores self-esteem.

I had the opportunity to talk with Larry James when I was doing research for this year's theme. His article, "Forgiveness...What's It For" shows the importance of choosing the path of forgiveness. As he states, "It is often difficult AND it works!" Throughout the year I will be sharing with you some of his insights in  hopes that you can find it in your heart to forgive  that "someone or something" who might be causing you anxiety, sleepless nights and just plain ruining your days. You can't change what happened of what was said, but you can choose to forgive and move on! In the words of Elsa in Frozen, "LET IT GO!"

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