Nippo Lake Junior League

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Wednesday, July 8th  – Scramble
Wednesday, July 15th – Stroke Play
Wednesday, July 22nd – Stroke Play
Wednesday, July 29th  – Stroke Play
Wednesday, August 5th  – Stroke Play
Wednesday, August 12th – Stroke Play
The first week will be divisions based on age.  The following weeks will be divisions based on ability.  Each week will be a different format.


- Please have your child arrive no later than 15 minutes before their scheduled tee time and check in with the Pro Shop.
- Please pick up your child 2 hours after their scheduled tee time.
- Tee Times begin between 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.
- Exact tee time will be determined by participation.
- PLEASE CALL the Pro Shop NO LATER THAN THE SUNDAY at 3 PM to let us know if you are going to play on the upcoming Wednesday.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  The tee times will be made by the staff on Tuesday morning and a staff member will call each Junior with their assigned tee time.
-There is no limit to how many Juniors are allowed in the league, HOWEVER, the first 32 JUNIORS that sign up per week will be assigned to tee times.

$ 5.00 per week per child – Specialty holes OR Games prize money.
The greens fees are free for all ages (donated by Nippo Lake GC).  
Your child is responsible for having their own golf supplies (tees, golf balls, ball markers, etc) during league play.


SCORECARD Click Here To View Scorecard

There will be three levels of play which will be based on ability.  All  players must have participated in a golf camp/clinic and be a minimum of  7 years old.
        EAGLE Level – Will play from the WHITE/GOLD TEE MARKERS.
        BIRDIE Level – Will play from the GOLD US KIDS TEE MARKERS.
        PAR Level – Will play from the BLUE US KIDS TEE MARKERS.
All players must have their own set of clubs
Ten stroke limit per hole
No do-overs / mulligans
All players must walk and carry/pull their bag
All players must be ready to have FUN!!

- Due to the increased participation each year, we ask that if the parents  are able to volunteer one or more weeks as a supervisor of play, please  fill out the dates of availability at the bottom of the registration form.
- Supervisors will be given cart if needed and Juniors are NOT allowed to put their bags on and/or ride on the cart..
- Volunteers will be given instruction for their role as a Supervisor.
- Volunteers/parents are not to serve as caddies and/or instructors.

Repair your divots and any others you may find.
Repair your ball marks on the green and others you may find.


Please do not swing your club on the tee box while waiting to tee off.
Please be aware of your surroundings.
Please do not talk when other golfers are hitting.
Please do not run on the course.
Do not stand directly behind, in back of or in front of the person hitting.
Order of Play – for each hole, the person that had the lowest score on the previous hole gets to hit first.  HOWEVER, during league we suggest that if you are ready to hit, please do so to help speed up play as long as you are not in front of another golfer.
During play on a hole, the person that is farthest away from the hole should always hit first.
You should always mark your ball on the green so that your ball is not in the way of someone else while they are putting.  Once you mark your ball, you may clean the ball.  When on the green, always walk around the hole.  Never step on the hole.  ALSO, be aware of where other golfers in your foursome are located on the green and don’t walk in their line to the hole.
Please yell “FORE” if you hit a golf ball and it accidentally goes towards another golfer.  If you hear someone yell FORE, you should put your head down and turn away from the direction the sound came from.


Chris Mowers - PGA Professional

Email - Chris Mowers

Phone - 664-7616 

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